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About Starborn

Before I made my first ever trip to Kenya, I had always supported initiatives and especially those that focus on children’s living conditions. But during my first visit to Kenya I saw the effects of this type of help with my own eyes and realized that a little help already leads to big improvements in the lives of children. On subsequent visits, I found myself rolling from one project to another; visiting schools, libraries and orphanages which all inspired me to do and give more. With my newly found drive to actually make a difference I started my first ever official project. Inspired by my love for books, and children books in particular, I started to refurbish the library at the Union Primary School in Eldoret. However, during the project I realized so much more was needed at this school; most of the classroom windows were broken and children were in a cold and wet school.

That is when I realized I needed help: not only with the physical labour but also with inspiration, ideas and administrative tasks. With all the above in mind The Starborn Foundation was born. Many people have asked why a foundation? Because transparency is very important and trust is the basis of our success. In order to secure this strong basis board members with this essential quality and a wide range of expertise have been selected.

Hope to  see you in Kenya,

Loes Randazzo


The objective is to contribute to the development of children in the western part of Kenya, in particular by focussing on their education environment. We aim to do this by stimulating Kenyan children’s hunger for knowledge in a positive learning environment. Using books will play a major role in this. Not only will we use course material, we will also use/distribute books which are full of colour and pictures. By using these methods of positive learning the children will be “hungry for more”.


We also intend to stimulate artistic skills such as arts and crafts in the form of colouring and painting but also teaching students how to repair things which have been broken. In a nutshell, the development of fantasy, creativity and curiosity will lead to an enrichment program for the students.

How to get there

Important in all our projects is that we are supervising the project locally and work with local contractors and volunteers. This way we ensure that every Euro is spent for the benefit of the children and at the same time support the local economy.

Big projects, such as the renovation of the Eldoret Union Primary School, will be executed step by step. Those bigger projects will all focus on improving educational well-being of children. Next to the renovation of the school we aim to set up a mobile library to bring the joy of reading to more remote locations.

Next to these main projects we also execute smaller projects based on opportunities that arise. In the spur of the moment we could start an action to buy footballs for schools, hospitals and orphanages just to brighten up their day.

Partners & Sponsors

For all our projects we need funds and goods which are obtained from donors and partners. In line with our Articles of Association we guarantee that at least 90% of all funds shall be used for the direct benefit of the children.

Next to donations we are open to partnerships, either in terms of money, goods or other support. If you are interested to help us stimulate Kenyan’s children hunger for knowledge feel free to contact us via We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


As an Algemeen Nuts Beogende Instelling (ANBI), we provide full disclosure of our finances. All information regarding our current financial position, realizations over last year, compensation policy and prospects for the coming year can be found in our Annual report 2021.



Stichting Starborn has ANBI status under Dutch tax law

The Board

Dr.Ir. G.H.W. Willems, former Director of Scientific Affairs / Manager of the Innovation Centre at FrieslandCampina.

Drs. T. Willems RC, Manager Group FP&A & Corporate Control at Vion Food Group.

Secretary and Web Administrator:
Mr. B. Willems, CTO at FontoXML.

Board Member and Executive:
Mrs. L. Randazzo, Publisher and Translator of Childrens books at publishing house Randazzo.


Van Sybergstraat 8
7631 JE  Ootmarsum



Other information:

Bank account number: NL82 RABO 034 227 6174

Chamber of Commerce number: 74959743

RSIN: 860087876


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