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Furaha children's home playroom 2021

In July 2021, we constructed a new building within the walls of the Furaha children's home in Nanyuki. A so-called playroom: a space to develop their fantasy with books, games and arts and crafts.

Every weekend there will be a story told to whoever wants to listen … A dollhouse, dolls, cars, craft materials … all is present. A little library, which will increase every trip we make to Nanyuki .

This room is not just available for the children living in the Furaha children’s home, but also for children living nearby.

The building is constructed using local materials and local workforce. The floor is poured concrete, the frame is timber and the walls and roof are constructed from metal sheets. The inside is painted in bright colours.

Many thanks to the Nanyuki Furaha Foundation for allowing us to build within their walls and help us run the playroom.

We did it! The playroom is a fact. The first playroom, I should say … I hope this is only the start of a large number of playrooms in and around Nanyuki. We started building after finding a ‘fundi’ we promised to be able to build within a week. That would leave us a week to decorate … Luckily the fundi kept his word :-)

Once we started decorating we had to keep the kids at a distance: nosy, nosy, nosy kids.

But we managed to keep it a surprise!!!

There is a little video when they have their first peek at the room:

We provided them with dolls: a dollhouse, bed and seats for the dolls as well.

Cars, a puzzlehighway is still in progress and will be added soon.

Books: the library will be extended every time we visit Nanyuki (at least one suitcase of 23 kg every trip).

A blackboard.

A corner to read books to the children, a chair for the adult and cushions for the children to sit on.

Crafts materials, some donated by Talens, which will be replenished after finishing.

And then there was the inauguration …

Not just an inauguration, but an inauguration with benefits :-)

We started the party by handing out new (!) clothes for everyone, donated by Koopmans mode Tilligte, and a beanie, knitted by Bientje Werkhoven and friends.

Speeches, big thanks and other kind words were exchanged…

The best came last: the reactions of the children when they had a first peek. Going in was no option at that time, the floor was not dry yet…

The ‘wows’ and ‘ah’ and ‘ohs’ made it all worth it!



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